Spreadable Pornstar Martini 225g


Tyvärr, produkten har utgått ur vårt sortiment


Invite that well endowed pizza delivery guy in, but throw that extra pepperoni stuffed crust in the bin. You’ve got something much more exciting for him to get his lips around. 

Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s the award-winning pornstar martini marmalade! There’s a new spread on the familiar black leather couch pantry scene and it certainly ain’t no Nutella. 

Gone are the days of your nana’s favourite wartime preserve. One sexy makeover and many shots of vodka later, this minxy marmalade is unlike anything you (or your grandma) have ever had before. 

Pop the lid off and help yourself to a guilty fingerful of tropical decadence. Each sinful spoonful contains real ripe passion fruit puree, balanced out with juicy oranges and tart citrus, and straddled by a vicious twist of vodka. 

Spread it, drink it, bake with it, lick it, spoon it, swallow it, sensually smear it over your lover*… hey, there’s a reason it’s called passionfruit!


Socker, apelsiner, lime, citron, passionsfruktpure, passionsfrukt, vodka, Syra [E330], vanilj. Totalt socker: 60g/100g. Gjord med 41g frukt per 100g. Näringsinformation: Per 100g. Energi: 1090,7kJ/256,3kcal / Fett: 0,1g / Varav mättat fett: 0g / Kolhydrater: 64,3g / Varav sockerarter: 59,6g / Salt: 0,01g / Protein: 0,6g. 

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