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Just a Splash Rum 100ml

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Carefully blended, quality culinary alcohol for recipes that call for a splash of Rum. Enjoy a tropical summer all year round with just one exotic ingredient. Rum does much more than add flavour to food, it’s an experience. Put on your Sunday best for a roast ham with rum and treacle glaze, get closer to the seaside with rum battered fish or recreate a Jamaican style jerk chicken. Rum’s natural toffee notes make it a must-have for desserts. Try a Pina Colada cheesecake, Rum buttercream to coat a coconut cake, or make your own Rum and raisin fudge. And if you’re really feeling it, have a go at a theatrical flambe! Perfect for caramelised bananas or skewered prawns.

Comes in a handy and easy to store 100ml pouring pouch with screw top so it’s easy to use and re-use. No cupboard clutter, no big price tags, no waste. Check out the on-pack recipe suggestion for inspiration and view more ideas here. Whatever you’re making, Just A Splash is all the flavour you'll need. Why buy a bottle?



Rom (53%), vatten, salt. 20% alkohol per 100ml. Näringsinformation: Per 100ml. Energi: 466kJ/111kcal / Fett: 0g / Varav mättat fett: 0g / Kolhydrater: 0g / Varav sockerarter: 0g / Salt: 0,167g / Protein: 0g. 

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