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Silver Bear Mug

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A shaped dolomite mug with electroplated silver finish 
Sip from the brains of a noble beverage carrying beast 
For anyone who gets grizzly before their caffeine fix 
Smarter than the average bear mug 
In America, you have the right to bear arms. 

Now you have the right to bear heads as well. 

Get your mitts around this beautiful drinking vessel and imbibe the power and majesty of this wild brute. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, whisky, honey in hot water. The Silver Bear Mug can handle it all. 

This gorgeous shaped dolomite mug with electroplated silver finish absolutely bosses the kitchen wilderness. You’ll bearly believe you ever had your paws around another mug. 

Bear with us honey as you sip from the Silver Bear Mug, go bearserk, drop bear skills, watch Bear Grylls and reflect on the bear necessities of life.

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