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Littles Infused Spicy Cardamom Instant Coffee 50G

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Super high quality Arabica coffee infused with natural cardamom extract. Cardamom is widely used in Finland for confectionery and baking and is a flavour that the Little family have grown up with. Did you know that Cardamom pods have been ground with coffee for thousands of years in Arabian countries, so you could argue this makes it the original flavoured coffee? Therefore, having a Cardamom coffee in our range is a no brainer. It’s not for everyone, but give it a try - it’s a pretty spectacular flavour combination.


Frystorkat Arabica-kaffe, naturlig kardemummasmak. Packad i fabrik som hanterar nötoljor. Näringsinformation: Per 100ml färdig dryck. Energi: 5,5kJ/1,3kcal / Fett: spår / Varav mättat fett: spår / Kolhydrat: 0,2g / Varav sockerarter: 0,2g / Protein: 0,1g / Salt: spår.

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